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La Liga Data Table #1

Thirteen rounds of La Liga 2014-15 have passed us by, and it’s been an explosive 13 rounds. Atlético’s quest to hang onto the league crown, Real Madrid’s unbridled dominance, Barcelona’s three world-class forwards trying to get along, Valencia’s resurgence, David … Continue reading

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Atlético Madrid: Europe’s Underappreciated Power

The Manzanares is a river that begins flowing in the Sierra de Guadarrama, a mountain range in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. Flowing southeast from its source, the Manzanares enters the city of Madrid via the El Pardo barrio. … Continue reading

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18/38’s EPL Update: Vincent Tan’s Heel Turn is Complete

18/38’s of the EPL season has come and gone, which is in fact reducible to 9/19’s for anyone keeping score or using an abacus. It’s the festive holiday season. Families are spending time with loved ones, roasting marshmallows along the … Continue reading

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16/38’s EPL Update: You’re Getting Sacked in the Morning!

16/38’s of the EPL season has gone by (reducible to 8/19’s for the mathematicians out there), and boy are the narratives coming in with the type of fervor that’s very English Premier League. We’ve had two managers sacked in Andres … Continue reading

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The 15/38’s EPL Update

We’re 15/38’s through the EPL season, one in which narratives have been flip flopping more than a fish out of water. 4 weeks ago, I did a 11/38’s version, in which my final words “This season so far has been fucking … Continue reading

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11/38’s is All we Need!

We’re 11/38’s through the EPL season. 11/38’s! That’s a non reducible fraction for you mathematics out there. The season has been chalk full of narrative, the likes of which we haven’t seen in ages. We have no more than 8 … Continue reading

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