Editor-in-Chief/Co-Founder: Ahmad Alowaish (Doctor Impossible)

Location: Kuwait

Primary Club: FC Barcelona

Personal Twitter: @viagraofchaos

Bio: Ahmad spends his time obsessing over how Barcelona can win the Champions League every year, his love-hate relationship with Cesc Fabregas, and his hatred of Brendan Rodgers. When he’s not writing (primarily on these subjects) here, he can be found making fun of Arsenal fans on Twitter.

Managing Editor/Co-Founder: Jeremy Beren (jerblaber)

Location: Arizona

Primary Club: Club Atlético de Madrid

Personal Twitter: @JBBeren

Bio: Jeremy is a journalism major living and learning in Arizona. He’s usually holed up in his school’s newsroom, but when he’s not, he’s most likely watching and/or defending Spanish football (aka, justifying that which is occasionally unjustifiable). He is also a burgeoning Serie A enthusiast and the primary tweeter on @edizd_.

Lead Writer/Co-Founder: Mohamed Mohamed (Moesquare)

Location: Canada

Primary Club: Olympique de Marseille

Personal Twitter: @MoeSquare

Bio: Mohamed is a self-loathing Marseille fan who now openly lives the life of a Ligue 1 elitist. When he’s not hyping up the likes of Clinton N’Jie or Paul-Georges Ntep, you can find him on Twitter discussing football data and much more.

Assistant Editor: Cole Patty (lastsecondpoints)

Location: Ohio

Primary Club: AFC Ajax

Personal Twitter: @BuyMeALamp

Bio: Among many other things, Cole loves soccer. He loves false nines, box-to-box midfielders, jack-of-all-trades fullbacks, and telling people that the Portuguese League is underrated. He currently roots for Francesco Totti and Roma, but his fanship is nomadic in nature, once rooting for Ajax, Celtic, and even Barcelona.

Staff Writers: James Griffo (James Griffo)

Location: New York

Primary Club: Arsenal FC

Personal Twitter: @j_griff

James (Mr. Griffo, if you’re nasty) is an 18-year-old student who roots for Arsenal and any team with a wicked-good goalkeeper. With that being said, his favorite footballers of all time range from Thierry Henry to Juventus-era Zlatan to Gigi Buffon to Neville Southall to David James (when he had his afro, NOT his corn rows). James is also EDIZD’s official NYCFC and MLS correspondent, and he has the cheek, audacity and ability to imitate Andy Gray for no reason at all.

Ben Wolfson

Location: Bay Area

Primary Club: FC Barcelona

Personal Twitter: @bucketsdntlie

Bio: A self-loathing Arsenal fan and Wenger Out supporter, Ben usually spends his weekends planning around what matches are on in the Bundesliga or La Liga.  He is a new resident to the Bay Area and enjoys looking through Karim Benzema’s Instagram page.

Honorary Staff Member: Jon Walsh

Location: Texas

Primary Club: Everton FC

Personal Twitter: @j85royals

Bio: Jon once said, “if you’re living right, every day is Zlatan day.” We wouldn’t be here without that quote. Cheers, Jon.

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