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The Gabonese Gas Pedal

It’s not a tragedy, but Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had a long, two-part uphill battle to show he’s one of the best strikers in the world. First, the fact is Aubameyang is a very fast African player. His athletic greatness is something many … Continue reading

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Anthony Martial, Alexis Sanchez, and the New Transfer Market Ineffeciency

  The transfer dust has finally settled, and well, it was an interesting and active window. A certain Manchester club became Voltron and spat in FFP’s face, and the other became much maligned over a deal for an unproven French forward that hasn’t … Continue reading

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Bundesliga Preview Part 1: The Return of the Black and Yellow

The first major storyline in the Bundesliga is probably what to make of Borussia Dortmund? There was supposed to be a huge exodus from the club after a disappointing season that started at a snail’s pace just for a heroic … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Go Far Kid: Anwar El Ghazi

The summer is an interesting time for the Eredivisie and it’s fans. While bigger leagues find summer a time of excitement and new beginnings, in Holland it often comes as the bittersweet end to something bigger. Memphis Depay, Georginho Wijnaldum, … Continue reading

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RIP to the RIP 10’s Movement

At the turn of the century, 10’s were the most important players on a football pitch for almost every big club in the world. Zidane (who did spend a fair share of time deeper in the midfield), Deco, Kaka, Rui … Continue reading

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Raheem Sterling & The Evaluation of Wingers

Wingers: managers love them, pundits love them, we love them. Wingers have evolved from cross-launching specialists that weren’t fully involved in the game to the most dynamic players on the pitch. Modern day wingers run, shoot, pass, cross, and dribble … Continue reading

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Not What You Want, But Exactly What You Need To Be

Wayne Rooney’s come a long way, and he’s traveled that distance in the searing spotlight that being an English prodigy provides. He’s had hair, lost it all, and miraculously got it all back — and then some. He is the … Continue reading

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Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United: Chopping Down The Tree

Manchester United have been riding the coattails of success of launching long passes to Marouane Fellaini all Premier League season, but Jose Mourinho was finally the man to bring a halt to that. Chelsea’s Opening Selection Mou raised some eyebrows with … Continue reading

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Breaking Points

The staff here at Every Day is Zlatan Day are proud to present our latest project: #BrendanWeek with a daily post all this week dedicated to Liverpool’s umm… eccentric manager. The man, the myth, the legend himself (just ask him). … Continue reading

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Diego Costa: Obnoxiously Infuriating, Beautifully Gifted

He’s a Brazilian traitor. He’s the Spanish scapegoat. One moment he’s in a tussle with an opponent. The next he’s banging another goal in just to remind you he’s the leading scorer in the most popular league in the world. He … Continue reading

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