Breaking Points

The staff here at Every Day is Zlatan Day are proud to present our latest project: #BrendanWeek with a daily post all this week dedicated to Liverpool’s umm… eccentric manager. The man, the myth, the legend himself (just ask him). Whether it’s been his run-ins with other managers or the incessant myth making he creates with every press conference, or even the Hitler like celebrations he busts out on the touchlines, every facet of Brendan is hopefully covered. We hope that you enjoy it.

We’ve all asked this question whether it’s a friend, acquaintance, group project teammate, or even former lovers.

At what point are you no longer worth it?

It’s a question that shows two sides of the human nature. There’s the part where you show you care about someone, especially someone that you’ve had a connection with at some sort of an emotional level. Then the flip side showing we all have our breaking point with anybody. No matter how much we adore another person, there’s always a point where it becomes too much to handle.

It’s probably time that Liverpool and their fans ask this question with Brendan Rodgers, the man they idolized for his brilliance last season and whose tactical astuteness brought the Reds out of the muck this season with their post-Boxing Day run that is only replicated in FIFA 15.

Since then, however, it’s come to a crashing stall. Brendan didn’t switch up his tactics to play a United side that was fully ready to handle the three-in-the-back pressing system (much similar to his negligence in the Chelsea match last season: the parked bus was coming and seemingly only Rodgers didn’t care to address it), which resulted in the club losing what many believe to be the season defining match. (If you’re keeping count at home, that’s also twice in two years that Steven Gerrard has cost his team.)

He also decided to play Raheem Sterling at wing back in the same United game, a move that was  already confusing without context, as a power play to show the English attacker his place in his current contract situation. Putting the contract issues aside — for now — the timing of Rodgers’s decision was deplorable. It’s the season’s defining match, and he decided that a little mind game with the club’s best player would be the best course of action. It’s one thing to show Raheem a little power against Hull City’s bite-less attack, but with a Champions League spot in the balance Brendan opted to show dominance over his player.

As for the contract issues, it’s easier to ignore if just Raheem Sterling seemed disinterested in continuing his Liverpool tenure longer than he needed to. While he’s clearly Liverpool’s biggest talent, he’s one player and a 20-year-old kid. Youth can be fickle and wanting greener pastures. It’s not the situation Liverpool and Rodgers want to be in, but it’s understandable. However the situation is another can of worms if Raheem, Jordan Henderson, and Jon Flanagan are all denying contracts with rumors swirling about that Rodgers had an altercation with centerback Kolo Toure.

The first two issues just show that Brendan is a flawed manager, and Raheem may just be something out of his control, but this makes the man seem toxic. If the manager was running out marginal players for lack of playing time or a similar issue, fine. It makes sense and is a common issue. However it’s tough to find another current manager that is running two of his three best players out of town, and Rodgers is accomplishing just that.

(He also runs his mouth in the media and sticks his foot in it regularly, and has made a complete mess of the Mario Balotelli situation. Those are more “normal” manager problems so it’s merely a side note. But they’re there.)

So at what point is Brendan worth it? Does a season where Liverpool finished second on the coattails of Luis Suarez’s magical season give the manager immunity for another summer? Maybe if this black cloud around him didn’t exist, sure. However if the return on Rodgers doesn’t increase for the dues the club must pay in all the nonsense he brings with him, it’s not hard to believe that his days are starting to look numbered.

Just look at the most recent Champions League spot he (and Steven Gerrard) selfishly flushed away.

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