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Lionel Messi Says “Shove It” to Crisis Talk

“Don’t throw shit at us from outside because that will only do us harm.” Damn, Lio. Calm down. — اللهو الخفي (@viagraofchaos) January 12, 2015 The funniest thing happened to me last week. You know what I saw on the Twitter … Continue reading

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Juanfran: Spectacularly Pedestrian

When football followers start listing off the best fullbacks in the world, it’s usually a list of some of the most athletic players in the game. David Alaba is one of the most diverse players in the game in terms … Continue reading

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What We Learned from Atlético Madrid 0-1 Villarreal

Atlético should probably put their eggs in the Champions League basket. If you watch Diego Simeone’s men on at least a semi-frequent basis, then you know that he demands 110% effort from every player on the pitch, every match. And his players always comply. … Continue reading

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La Liga Data Table #1

Thirteen rounds of La Liga 2014-15 have passed us by, and it’s been an explosive 13 rounds. Atlético’s quest to hang onto the league crown, Real Madrid’s unbridled dominance, Barcelona’s three world-class forwards trying to get along, Valencia’s resurgence, David … Continue reading

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La Liga Roundup Week 11: Getting In The Groove

The upsets from this weekend proved that anything can happen in Spain’s top flight. The league’s depth is unmatched (except perhaps in Germany), and as contenders Atlético Madrid, Sevilla, and Valencia found out on Sunday, upsets can happen at any … Continue reading

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La Liga Roundup: Week 9

It’s time for another edition of the Liga BBVA roundup! Lots to discuss from over the weekend, so let’s get started… – There’s only one place we can start this week, and that would be in Madrid…with Getafe 0-1 Atlético! … Continue reading

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Is Luis Enrique Bad At Managing Big Games?

If Paris was a warning, Madrid made it perfectly clear. Barcelona’s approach again left them vulnerable to sides that can attack them with speed and pace, and in Real Madrid, there is no one better at exploiting that. The big news … Continue reading

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Every Day Is Zlatan Day Hangout #3: Champions League Matchday Three

Here we are, folks, the third edition of the EDIZD Hangout, recorded Wednesday. Some notes: 1. If you haven’t watched one of these before: yes, this is normal hangout length. 2. I made a mistake when I said Atlético Madrid … Continue reading

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La Liga Roundup, Week 7: A Statement of Intent

This La Liga season has been bonkers already: Cristiano Ronaldo is scoring everything, Barcelona have yet to concede a goal, and Eibar looks like the most impressive Basque club in the league. So what did we learn this week? Plenty. … Continue reading

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Weekend Preview, Round Two

We have a lot of exciting games coming up this weekend in the world of football. I don’t know why that is, but I’m gonna say it’s because stupid international football is back after this weekend to take away all … Continue reading

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