EDIZD Guide to the Weekend, Vol 1

We’ve decided to start offering you a new feature to help you through the weekend, so it’s not all EPL, all the time (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Here’s your guide to the best the world of football has to offer this week.

1. Chelsea vs. City

You had to know this was coming: the two favorites in the EPL squaring off for what’s bound to be a thrilling early season clash. Chelsea can establish their domestic dominance yet again after picking up all 12 points in their first four games, while Manchester City looks to quiet the murmurs that they’re losing their hold of England. Diego Costa comes into the game on fire, but so does Joe Hart. Cesc Fabregas and Yaya Toure play the same position in vastly different styles. I personally like to say the Premier League is overrated, but that doesn’t mean it is in this clash.

2. Juventus vs. Milan

The luster of AC Milan has been getting quite dull the past two years, with the Italian and European giants struggling in a post-Zlatan world. Yet they come into this match with Juventus having notched all six possible points in their first two games. Both teams play highly contrasting styles, with Milan’s two Serie A matches producing 13 goals, while the more pragmatic Juventus has had a total of three in both of their fixtures. Is the Rossoneri back? No one is quite sure, but we’ll all know more after they take on The Old Lady.

3. Leverkusen vs. Wolfsburg

Despite finishing fifth last year in the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg finds themselves with only two points in three matches and reeling after an embarrassing match Thursday with Everton. Leverkusen has established themselves early at the top of the Bundesliga, but are also coming off a poor European showing losing 1-0 to a less talented AS Monaco. Will Rodger Schmidt’s horde of locust type pressers overcome an out of form Wolfsburg, or will Ricardo Rodriguez, Naldo, and Luiz Gustavo finally find the right formula to avoid conceding goals?

Sleeper Match of the Weekend: Stuttgart-Hoffenheim

Unfortunately for Ligue 1, Lyon has been too painfully terrible to include their tilt with PSG in any formal matter of this post. So instead, you get a second helping of Bundesliga. Neither of these squads are title contenders. Stuttgart finished 15th in the table last season, but the number one rule of any Hoffenheim fixture is that any and every game can turn into a shootout.


Eighteen — YES, 18 — year-old German phenom Timo Werner could easily break out with a hat-trick for the Reds, and Romanian international Alexandru Maxim will have plenty of room to pull off his plethora of tricks. On the other offensive end, Hoffenheim always has a shot to score 4+ goals anytime dynamic duo Robert Firmino and Kevin Volland step out onto the pitch.

Don’t plan your weekend around this match, but there is a high chance this one could end up with 10 goals considering the offensive and defensive qualities, which is why it’s worth a second look.

Best Match Outside of the Top Five Leagues: Feyenoord-Ajax

“Young Dutch talent heeeeeeeeereeee, get your young Dutch talent heeeeereeeee! You sir would you like some young Dutch talent? Yes? WELL HERE IS A HELPING OF AJAX AND FEYENOORD, WITH SO MUCH YOUNG TALENT IT WILL MELT YOUR FACE OFF.”

Seriously, anytime you get a combo of Ajax, PSV, and Feyenoord you should watch. It is sort of like a time machine to 2018.

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