Barcelona Will Not Win a Trophy in 2015-16

Barcelona are actually going through with this. The Catalan club’s home kit next season will feature horizontal stripes. (There’s the pic, in case you haven’t seen it.)

I mean.

Come on.

You know who else wears horizontal stripes? QPR. Granada, too, and they’re REALLY crap (and they somehow may stay in La Liga. Spain!).

You know what happened to QPR? We don’t talk about it. Poor Pete Doherty, by the way.

We haven’t seen Thomas Vermaelen in horizontal stripes – hey, we haven’t seen him in anything Barcelona-related! – but I’m sure he’ll look good in these.

Hey, let’s not go ov..hell, why not? Go crazy! This is the swan song. YOU CAN NOT PROSPER IN HORIZONTAL STRIPES. LET THE IMAGE LURK LONG IN THE MEMORY.



Long in the memory.

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