Every Day Is Zlatan Day Hangout #2

Back after a hiatus, it’s the EDIZD Hangout! Today, me and Jordan discussed the World Cup quarterfinals, previewed the semifinals, and offered a glimpse at a post-World Cup piece.

Now, some notes:

1. You’re probably wondering why this hangout episode is in two parts. My mic ceased operating properly after I accidentally yanked my earphone jack from the outlet. Oops.

2. I need new earphones. Seriously, the buds continuing to loosen drives me batty.

3. YOU GUYS. I FINALLY FOUND THE WORD TO DESCRIBE SABELLA’S ATTACK AND ITS GOING THROUGH MESSI: PROTRACTED. (You’ll know in part two where I need to clarify this; the word escaped me.)

4. Jordan’s audio got really weird when he used screenshare. We’re not sure why.

5. Feedback is appreciated!!

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