Messi Madness

There will be a proper breakdown of the goal posted later, but yesterday’s Iran – Argentina game will probably be remembered for THAT goal, the brilliant Lionel Messi golazo that came after 91 minutes of organized Iranian defense.

For 91 minutes, Iran stifled the formidable Argentina offense, denying them every space down the middle. If a goal was to come, it would have to be through crosses, something Argentina’s diminutive forwards are not comfortable of doing.

Not only that, but Iran actually came close to gaining the lead a couple of times, and were maybe denied a penalty in the process. Argentine manager Alejandro Sabella (or Messi, if you believe certain reports) helped in his own team’s failings by not making substitutions early. Both Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain were awful, and Messi looked disinterested at times. There was also no need to field a non passing midfield destroyer, but Javier Mascherano looked sharper on the ball than Fernando Gago did.

But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here to see THAT goal, which I’ll confess to watching over and over again. You’re here to see the moment of Messi brilliance, which I might add happened just as Diego Maradona left the stadium.

You’re here for this:


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