Pep Guardiola’s Infinite Pursuit of Perfection

I am a Pep apologist. I have to be. The manager gave me my favorite football moments. From the 5-0 shellacking of Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid to the Denny Green inspired “puto amo” speech, that guy has been responsible for a lot of my happiness.

Is he infallible? No. Do some of his tactics and squad selections baffle me? Hell yes. But then again maybe that’s why I am not a football manager.

Last night, Manchester City came back from two down to beat Bayern Munich 3-2 at the Allianz Arena. A lot of my Twitter followers were ecstatic – not because Manchester City won or because Bayern Munich lost, but because PEP GUARDIOLA lost.

Which, you know, supposedly isn’t supposed to happen.

Did Bayern step off the gas against City’s reserves after going up 2-0? Yes. Did Guardiola maybe err by selecting Thiago Alcantra as DM (something that has cost him before, I might add)? Probably, but you wouldn’t say that after 20 minutes.

Hindsight is 20/20, and looking back at the game, there were mistakes made – by both teams, it looks like.

All I know is there shouldn’t be that much criticism for a guy who has only lost twice since taking over at Munich. Think about that for a second. To put it in perspective, David Moyes lost as many games as that in a week.

It’s early, and I really think that this team will win every competition they are in. They are that good.

It’s a shame nobody will point to their manager when it happens.

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