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The Manager Who Asked Por Que

Jose Mourinho has a problem. Coming into this weekend’s showdown with second place Manchester City, he finds himself without Diego Costa, the Premier League’s leading scorer who was banned three games by the Football Association for his various transgressions in the … Continue reading

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Zlatan, Zlatan: Where Art Thou Zlatan

Note: The radars used in this piece were created by Ted Knuston and Sami Hernia We make no bones about the following: We at the blog love Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We love his eccentricity, we love that he goes into third person when it … Continue reading

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In Defense of the FA Cup (Sort Of)

It’s that time of year (again) where we’re supposed to give a care about football that, for the most part, the players involved don’t seem to care about – at least the ones we see on a regular basis. I’m … Continue reading

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Diego Costa: Obnoxiously Infuriating, Beautifully Gifted

He’s a Brazilian traitor. He’s the Spanish scapegoat. One moment he’s in a tussle with an opponent. The next he’s banging another goal in just to remind you he’s the leading scorer in the most popular league in the world. He … Continue reading

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Santiago Cazorla Or Mesut Ozil: Arsenal’s Awkward Situation

The little Spaniard was everywhere at the Etihad, combining relentless running with cagey creativity as Arsene Wenger collected his first win against a top team in… ages, it felt like. And he has Santi Cazorla to thank for it. Cazorla started … Continue reading

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The Intrigue that is Alexandre Lacazette

As of this moment, the top three players in non penalty goals this season in the five European leagues are Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and — wait for it… Alexandre Lacazette. The first two names are obvious, as it’s been … Continue reading

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Lionel Messi Says “Shove It” to Crisis Talk

“Don’t throw shit at us from outside because that will only do us harm.” Damn, Lio. Calm down. — اللهو الخفي (@viagraofchaos) January 12, 2015 The funniest thing happened to me last week. You know what I saw on the Twitter … Continue reading

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