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The 19/38’s Premier League XI

We’re officially half way through the EPL season, and god has it been glorious or what! So many narratives in only such a short time. So much Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher. Loads of wacky results that depending on how … Continue reading

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Atlético Madrid: Europe’s Underappreciated Power

The Manzanares is a river that begins flowing in the Sierra de Guadarrama, a mountain range in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. Flowing southeast from its source, the Manzanares enters the city of Madrid via the El Pardo barrio. … Continue reading

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18/38’s EPL Update: Vincent Tan’s Heel Turn is Complete

18/38’s of the EPL season has come and gone, which is in fact reducible to 9/19’s for anyone keeping score or using an abacus. It’s the festive holiday season. Families are spending time with loved ones, roasting marshmallows along the … Continue reading

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“What is life without hate?” – Roger Bennett I don’t like Jose Mourinho. I just don’t get the love affair with the man at all. Sure, he’s a brilliant tactician and a great man manager who seems to get the … Continue reading

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Luis Suarez; The Uruguayan Wonder

When Luis Suarez signed with Liverpool for £22,800,000 in January 2011; following his time at Ajax when he scored 81 goals in 110 matches, he and Andy Carroll were following on the footsteps of Fernando Torres’ shocking transfer to Chelsea. … Continue reading

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Man City and the Pursuit of Unadulterated Dominance

Hey, did you guys know that Manchester City is good at playing this game called “Soccer”? OK that last sentence won’t be a candidate for the Subtlety HOF, but the point still stands. Manchester City have been phenomenal at home, producing … Continue reading

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16/38’s EPL Update: You’re Getting Sacked in the Morning!

16/38’s of the EPL season has gone by (reducible to 8/19’s for the mathematicians out there), and boy are the narratives coming in with the type of fervor that’s very English Premier League. We’ve had two managers sacked in Andres … Continue reading

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The 15/38’s EPL Update

We’re 15/38’s through the EPL season, one in which narratives have been flip flopping more than a fish out of water. 4 weeks ago, I did a 11/38’s version, in which my final words “This season so far has been fucking … Continue reading

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Pep Guardiola’s Infinite Pursuit of Perfection

I am a Pep apologist. I have to be. The manager gave me my favorite football moments. From the 5-0 shellacking of Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid to the Denny Green inspired “puto amo” speech, that guy has been responsible for … Continue reading

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